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About Priya

My journey Into Resonance

During the summer of 2006, my husband and I were excited to welcome our first born! Having had formal medical sciences training, I was confident that I was well-equipped to take care of my newborn son through conventional medicine. Within the first few months of our bundle of joy being brought home, he was having intense cold symptoms, countless food allergies, unpredictable anaphylactic reactions, and severe eczema. Having exhausted multiple interventions through conventional medicine, we felt helpless and discouraged. By 2013, with his chronic health issues worsening year by year, I knew we had to try other methods. I took ownership of understanding his health and becoming educated from a holistic health perspective. A dramatic transformation occurred in his life, as it resonated into better overall health for the rest of my family and I.

Resonant Health was founded with the aim to use my experience to raise awareness, build intuition, and work towards a transformation of your health!

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