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Health Consultation Services

Your body is mostly an automated system.  Your system is constantly learning and adapting and when there’s an imbalance (e.g. stress, hormonal changes, anxiety, life changes) the body naturally tries to correct itself.  If the imbalance in the system continues, signals like stomach pains, diarrhea, body aches, or headaches, indicate that the body is unable to continue adapting. This eventually leads to chronic and autoimmune states.


Our unique approach at Resonant Health is that we help you understand your system in a logical, individualized way, and use homeopathic remedies to help rebalance the body’s ability to heal itself.


You can thrive despite chronic and autoimmune diseases, when you know how your body works!  Learn more about our service options below, and book our services online.

Free Introductory Consultation

(15 minutes)

We will explore:

  • your health journey, health concerns, and health goals

  • how we could work together towards your health goals

  • the program type that fits your health goals and budget


If there is a mutual fit, we will schedule your next appointment prior to the end of the call!  Book a consultation

Problem Focused Consultation

(40 minutes)

Have recurring symptoms? Want to take a first step before committing to a comprehensive program?  Step towards healing with Resonant Health’s problem focused consult.

This consult is hyper-focused on your specific concern, including bonus access to:

  • the membership area to schedule your consults as needed

  • remedy and lifestyle suggestions

  • 10-minute follow-ups during call-in hours for 2 weeks after the consult

Book a consultation using our online form.

Initial Comprehensive Consultation

(90 minutes)

You want to commit to rebalancing your body towards health and not just address the symptoms?  This comprehensive consult choice is for you and includes

  • initial 90-minute comprehensive session where we listen and learn about you.

  • detailed analysis after the consult to evaluate and create an individualized plan

  • remedy and lifestyle suggestions

  • support in creating body awareness and intuition

  • access to the membership area to schedule up to 2 follow-up consults for the first month of service

  • 10-minute follow-ups during call-in hours for the first month after the initial consult

Visit Book a consultation to schedule time.

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