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Your body is a complex, mostly automated system.  As we grow, glitches get subconsciously added to the automatic processes creating an imbalance.   The body tries to get our attention by producing symptoms to address these imbalances in our system. 

By understanding this and creating body awareness, you can manage health holistically during illnesses such as, colds, upper respiratory issues, chronic conditions and autoimmune illnesses.  Navigate the complex, chronic symptoms of pain, fatigue, and irritable bowel by understanding how these symptoms are triggered on an individual level. 


Healthresonates as you develop your health intuition skills by learning to listen to your body.  Together we can work to recognize what your symptoms mean, and how you can address them in a holistic way. 


Change your perspective on health and illness in a simplified, logical way that is individualized.  Lets work together to transform your health!

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Resonant Health

Awareness    Intuition   Transformation


Help clients sharpen their health intuition and awareness and encourage transformation, to thrive in chronic conditions and autoimmune disease.

Priya is an exemplary homeopath and personal guide for your path back to wellness, both physically, and mentally. With her expert knowledge and compassionate attention she pulled me out of the vicious and seemingly never ending cycle of Ulcerative Colitis and put me back on the path to health and happiness. After suffering for approximately 15 years, I’m now able to live a healthy normal life without taking medications, or living with constant pain and horrific symptoms. I’m grateful to say, I feel the best I’ve ever felt. It’s nothing short of a miracle. All I can say is that Priya is a true healer, able to employ a much deeper process of healing beyond the bounds of traditional medicine. To this and to her I am grateful beyond words. 


Priya continues to exceed any expectations I may have regarding managing my care. She is compassionate, attentive, and supportive, and takes every opportunity to educate me on every aspect of my wellness and the benefits of homeopathy. 

Stephanie B

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